Introduction to DERA services

Traditional environmental risk management focuses on the assessment of corporate internal compliance. Effective data support, systematic and professional judgement on various external factors such as environmental policy, environmental planning, and differences of regional supervision are generally insufficient.

The DERA system breaks the barriers of traditional supply risk management chain and changes the experience of risk management:

  • Creative integration of environmental big data, information technology and professional environmental consulting services
  • Multi-factor evaluation of direct operational risks of factories and suppliers
  • Multi-sourced acquisition of information on external factors such as policies, public perception and scrutiny of external stakeholders and sensitive receptors, etc.
  • Comprehensive interpretation of internal and external risks of companies and brands to achieve full-scale risk warnings, assessments, control and / or mitigation.

DERA Customized Risk Management Plan:

  • Customized information:news analysis and periodical updates
  • Customized analysis:business and supply chain vulnerability evaluation, regional risk analysis, supply chain environmental performance rating, brand benchmarking analysis
  • Customized System:Supply chain risk control system
  • Customized service:high-level customization based on customer needs and risk levels