Sustainable Operations & Supply Chains

Publication Date:2018/10/30 15:52:03

Sustainable Operations & Supply Chains

Conference Time: June 18and 19, 2018     

Conference Venue: San Francisco Bay Area[阮1] 


Risk of regulatory compliance at factories in China is on the rise, impacting your supply chain as well as any facilities you may own or operate in China. You are invited to learn more about what is driving these changes and how to cost - effectively mitigate risks to output

Last year China started organizing environmental sweeps, closing, relocating and upgrading factories all over the country.  Get insight in your business vulnerability, learn from other companies about strategies they used to overcome this challenge, even turn it into a competitive advantage.

Meet representatives from leading companies, the MEP (China Ministry of Environmental Protection) and China’s leading environmental NGO IPE (Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs).  Hear about IPE’s Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) scoring companies and their supply chains.

Learn about GREENMENT MIX, a Dynamic Management and Risk Control Tool, Utilizing Big Data, Regulatory Database, Dynamic Regional Policies, Smart Risk Prevention & Early Warning & Supplier Screening and Site Selection